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 A Dummy's Guide to Cryptocurrency

I named this 'about me' page as I did because I made life-changing money in bitcoin - but that was never my intention.

After selling my internet marketing business in 2008, I started building ultra-custom, high-end personal computer systems. In 2010, a friend in Toronto called me with a proposition. He wanted me to build a significant number of custom boxes he called miners. But instead of my normal $2K+/unit profit, he'd pay me a flat $100/unit plus 100 Bitcoins/unit. And he'd put me up for the summer, so I wouldn't be sweltering in South Florida. Since Ontario has such good golf, I decided there was no downside and took off for the great white north! Quotes for Bitcoin closed at 29 cents on 12/31/2010.

My intention with my Bitcoin holdings was to sell if the price ever reached $1000 USD. But I never needed the money, besides billionaires were telling us Bitcoin would rise to $50-$100K! In mid December 2018, I finally sold half of my holdings. To this day, I'm just hodling (holding) the remainder as we've recently seen the price at $40K!

Now I spend my time reading white papers for new crypto offerings and investing in the ones I feel are most viable. Since the pandemic began, I've also been exploring referral marketing and content generation opportunities in the crypto industry. So I decided to share those things here!

Hope we make some money together!

Dick Edwin