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Earning Crypto

Okay, this site is a little different from others in that, I'm not trying to teach anyone about crypto! There are thousands of sites in numerous languages that will teach you the basics, one of the best,

I made life-changing money in crypto without investing a single penny! When my best friend asked how I did it, I told him the truth. I took a job and part of the renumeration was in bitcoin. When I received them, they were valued at 29 cents each. All I did was hold (hodl) them for 7 or 8 years then sold half my portfolio and I'm still sitting on the remainder. 

His question to me was, "Can you make money in crypto today, without any investment?" The cheeky wanker is always trying to stump me. So after thinking about it a few days, I came up with an answer.

There are mainly three ways to make money in crypto today without an investment. This site is going to explore them and how we prospered during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/2021.

Disclaimer: My friend had built and sold a web development business & an affiliate marketing business. You must realize that because of the extraordinary situation, the majority of the planet was at home. So our results were definitely skewed, but the basic tenets are still the same.

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